Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beyond the Beyond

I'm not going to lie to you, I watched a LOT of network TV during the 80's. When the fall preview issue of TV Guide would come out I was all over it planning which new shows I would watch. Then certain shows would be cancelled and you would get what used to be the infamous mid-season replacement. These were the shows that the networks had second thoughts about but figured "Ah, what the hell...we'll give it a shot". One such show which I quickly became fascinated with was Otherworld.

This show only lasted for eight episodes but it was still quite an interesting experiment in alternative world science fiction television. I've seen several times where it has been described as a version of Lost in Space on an alternate Earth and that is pretty much an accurate summary. The opening title sequence sets the bizarre tone of the show and there are some obvious 80's moments in it.

It wasn't a post-apocalyptic setting really, but there isn't any reason you couldn't take ideas from this show and use them in a Mutant Future campaign. Strange science fiction such as this is always something to consider when coming up with inspiration for creating a Mutant Future setting.

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