Sunday, February 5, 2012

They Call Him -- Killraven!

Sure, my main influence for a Mutant Future setting is based on some of the DC comics of Jack Kirby, but I do have to admit that another source of inspiration would be Killraven. It was a Marvel comic which originally ran during the 1970's and dealt with a post-apocalyptic setting which was based upon it being a sequel of sorts to The War of the Worlds. I only have a couple of random original issues but I do have a copy of the Essential trade paperback reprint.

I'm certain the entire setting could easily be adapted into a Mutant Future campaign setting. You can pick the TPB online for pretty cheap and if you like retro comics and high adventure, post-apocalyptic tales, then I totally suggest that you pick it up.


  1. Killraven is indeed great inspiration for any post-apoc game. And of course, there's also the redo of Killraven in the Planet of the Apes universe in the UK POTA comic--Apeslayer!

  2. To me, Killraven comes across as a mix between H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The original series has some highs and lows but it still has some good ideas for a post apocalyptic setting.

    I didn't know about Apeslayer untill I read this blog post over at Comics Should Be Good!!

  3. The Killraven world made an appearance in the most recent Machine Man- and Howard The Duck-centric Marvel Zombies 5 mini.