Saturday, February 11, 2012

The High Plains Loser

I recently signed back up for Netflix because they gave me a free month and I thought, "What, the hell" because Microsoft also gave me a deal for one month of XBox Live for only a dollar. A month of TV and movies for only a buck? I signed up for both instantly. Then I saw that Netflix had a bunch of MST3K available to watch instantly! I was a huge fan of MST3K back when it was originally running on Comedy Central. When the series went to Sci-Fi Channel it seemed to drop in quality. To me, the older episodes are what really get my dorkness on full throttle. Since I've been diving into post-apocalyptic material the first one I watched was Warrior of the Lost World.

I used to totally geek out over this show and to get to watch it instantly is awesome, but this movie was painful. Because of the limited cable provider we had back then, I didn't get to see a lot of the Joel seasons. Catching up on these movies with Joel and the bots is great but this was just a terrible movie. Thankfully, they made it funny. It is just a really bad attempt to rip off Mad Max and something like THX 1138. You can watch the whole movie here on YouTube if you really want to endure this.

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