Sunday, February 5, 2012

Killer Cockroaches

One of the most cheese-tastic post-apocalyptic films ever made is Damnation Alley which is an adaptation of a short story by Roger Zelazny, who was a great science fiction and fantasy writer. I read it during the late 80's in a compilation of Zelazny's short stories and it was a lot more outlandish than the movie which is only loosely based on the actual original source.

I didn't know about the film version until sometime in the 90's and then didn't even get to see it until a few years ago and it really is the type of movie which would have made great fodder for MST3K. There are some nuggets of ideas which could be used in Mutant Future and it indeed did seem to inspire the Judge Dredd Cursed Earth storyline so it is worth mentioning. Check out this scene for some serious unintentional laughable moments and one of the most obviously fake motorcycle jumps I have ever seen.

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