Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is the 21st Century

My first RPG experience was with the Tom Moldvay edition of D&D. Unfortunately for me, I didn't grow up in a suburb so there were no regular gaming groups in my area. I played a lot of gamebooks. I owned a whole lot of Fighting Fantasy books and it was absolutely my favorite gamebook series. Later in middle school my friends and I played Toon during lunch time because it could be done quick and fast. Everything changed when I found out about the local comic shop which had opened up within bike riding distance. There, I met the regulars and shortly after that Mayfair Games released DC Heroes. Some of the regulars had started a gaming group playing that game every weekend and even though I was several years younger than most of them, they invited me join the group. I didn't want to start without having any knowledge of the game system so I took some money I had saved up and bought the game and then also picked up a solo adventure. Thankfully it was based on a comic book which I was totally obsessed with at the time.

I'll most certainly post more about DC's Hex series from the 80's later on, but this is the first module I played that really first combined the two things I was absolutely crazy about.....gaming and post-apocalyptic comic books. Hex: Escort to Hell isn't perfect but it was fun and ended up being a gateway to get me much more into the hobby of gaming. Looking at it now the thing that strikes me as being funny is the description on the back cover.

Back then, the idea of the "21st Century" seemed so futuristic and amazing. Now that we actually live in that century it sort of seems so mundane. It makes me chuckle to think how far off it seemed back in those days. Damn, I was so naive.

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